Harvard and M.I.T. Trained Neuroscientist presents...

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Harvard Neuroscientist Speaks on Dementia, Cognitive Decline, and Hearing Loss  

Revealed: #1 Most Modifiable Risk Factor For Preventing Dementia

"Everyone knows someone who is a cancer survivor, but no one knows an Alzheimer’s survivor.” – Dr. Bredesen

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Sept. 18th; 6:00pm

This informal event will be a great chance to meet the Amazon Best-Selling Author, Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, the only M.I.T. and Harvard Trained NeuroScientist practicing Audiology in the country.

Event will include a short overview of Dr. Darrow's work with Dementia, Cognitive Decline, and Hearing Loss as well as an open question and answer session, and book signing.

Tower Hill Botanical Garden 11 French Drive Boylston, MA 01505  


September 18th, 6:00pm

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Open Discussion to Include Q&A:  

  • Rate of Dementia Diagnosis in America
  • Annual Cost of Caring for Dementia Patient
  • Pfizer's Elimination of Funding for Dementia Research
  • % of Dementia Cases that are Preventable
  • The Single Most Modifiable Factor for preventing Dementia
  • Your Next Step to Active-Aging Lifestyle