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Cheers to Your Ears

Dr. Keith Darrow Presents: Tinnitus, Hearing Loss, and ways to Reduce your Risk of Dementia

  • The single most effective treatment option approved by the FDA for patients suffering with Tinnitus explained.  
  • The single most modifiable risk factor for preventing Dementia and the science to prove it.  
  • How our treatment program designed by a Harvard & MIT trained neuroscientist is changing the lives of thousands across the country .

Dr. Darrow will Reveal The Truth About the Cost of Hearing Loss and Why Most Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay for Traditional Hearing Aids, and what he’s personally done to make the medical treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus affordable throughout the United States!

Join Amazon #1 New Release and Best-Selling Author of "Stop Living In Isolation" for a FREE Event!

October 8th; 5-7:30pm

This informal event will be a great chance to meet the Amazon Best-Selling Author, Dr. Keith Darrow, PhD, the only M.I.T. and Harvard Trained NeuroScientist practicing Audiology in the country.

Event will include a short overview of Dr. Darrow's work with Tinnitus, Dementia, Cognitive Decline, and Hearing Loss as well as an open question and answer session, and book signing.

Broken Creek Vineyard & Winery

614 South St. | Shrewsbury, MA 01545  

5pm-6pm: Wine Tasting 6pm-730pm: Presentation and Q&A

October 8th, 5pm

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This Will be a Rare Opportunity to Get the Truth About Hearing Loss & Tinnitus: 

  • Why Are Traditional Hearing Aids So Expensive 
  • Traditional Hearing Aids or NeuroTechnology™; What’s the Difference?
  • Is Hearing Loss and Dementia Really Correlated?
  • Can Tinnitus (Ringing Ears) Really be Stopped? 
  • Why ‘Magic Pills’ are NOT the Answer; what is the FDA Approved Treatment for Tinnitus 
  • Why Local Audiologists and Providers Use Free Turkeys and Bait N’ Switch Offers 
  • How to Choose a Doctor of Audiology in Your Area
  • Treatment Options Available for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus WITHOUT Large Upfront Costs 
  • Local Non-Profits That Cover the Cost of Adult Treatment for Those in Need